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快赢彩票软件快三下载 Before I Travel


What should I do before my trip? Prepare for happy trips!


  • eRegister with MFA so that we can better help you during an emergency or crisis. 
  • Apply for an Exit Permit (for National Service-liable male Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents).
  • Check the visa requirements of countries you intend to enter or transit in. As visa requirements can change at short notice, we advise you to check with your travel agencies or the relevant foreign embassies to ensure that you have the most updated visa information. Please note that visa requirements may also differ for holders of Singapore Temporary Travel Document.

Why do I need a visa?

Every country has the right to bar you entry if a visa is required but absent. If you do not possess an appropriate visa, you may be denied entry to the country you are visiting or transiting in, ending your trip before it has even begun. We are unable to assist you in such a situation as we cannot intervene in another state’s immigration policies, just as how they cannot interfere in Singapore’s. Visas are issued for different purposes such as study, tourism, or business. Please ensure that you obtain the right one for your purposes, or you may be refused entry to the country

  • Purchase comprehensive travel insurance which includes medical evacuation in case you encounter any unexpected emergencies. Be familiar with the terms and coverage of your policy.

Why do I need insurance?

Possessing the right travel insurance can save you a great deal of trouble should adverse situations occur.
A healthy Singaporean visiting China suffered a sudden brain haemorrhage and had to be hospitalised. Given his critical condition, the Singaporean remained hospitalised for two weeks and chalked up a daily bill of S$1,000. When he was eventually cleared by the hospital for medical evacuation back to Singapore, the flight evacuation cost almost S$60,000. Unfortunately, the Singaporean had not purchased any travel insurance and his family had to foot the entire hospital bill as well as the cost of medical evacuation amounting to S$74,000.
If you do not have suitable insurance, you or your family and friends will be required to bear the burden of these expenses, which can be extremely costly. We therefore strongly advise you to purchase a suitable insurance policy and know the terms and conditions of your policy, before travelling abroad.


  • Check the health and vaccination requirements for your destination(s).
  • Bring your doctor’s prescription if you have to carry any medication, as you may need to show this at the customs checkpoint(s).
  • Check the customs regulations concerning import and export of items for the countries you are visiting. Some countries require travellers to declare items that are under their quarantine restrictions at the entry checkpoint.

  • Read up on your destination’s local news and regulations. Get information from experienced travellers, travel agents, tourist information offices and airlines.

  • Ensure that your passport has at least 6 months’ validity.

  • Make or save copies of your important documents (e.g. identity card, passport data page, credit cards, and travellers’ cheques) in case you lose any of them. Leave copies with your family and friends as a contingency.

  • Tell your friends and family where you are going and how to contact you.

  • Have valid tickets to return home.
  • Bring adequate funds for your stay.


I Am Already Abroad

We hope you are enjoying your travels abroad, but we encourage you to take note of the following points to ensure your trip remains a happy and productive one.

  • Always take care of your personal safety.
  • Obey the laws and respect the local customs of the countries you are visiting.
  • Keep abreast of the local news.
  • Keep your passport and identity card separate to minimise the risk of you losing both your ID documents.

  • Never carry too much cash and valuables.
  • Never leave your valuables unattended.
  • Never carry packages through customs on behalf of other people.
  • Check the customs regulations concerning import and export of items for the countries you are visiting. Some countries require travellers to declare items that are under their quarantine restrictions at the entry checkpoint.
  • Make sure you know the local rules of the road.
  • Ensure the you, your passengers and the vehicle are covered by insurance.
  • Keep your family and friends informed of your whereabouts and activities.
  • Take a few minutes to eRegister with MFA if you have not done so.

To keep updated on travel advisories while you travel, follow on Twitter.

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